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Writer's block, procrastination, self doubt, and weak pages. These are only a few things that writers are up against as we make the trek from pen to page to published. My job is to coach writers from coasting on the sidelines to charging toward deadlines with zeal and excitement. When writing is what you love, there isn't anything anyone can do to keep you from doing it. That has a tendency to change once you begin on the road to publishing. That's why I do what I do, to help writers (both new and seasoned) keep their why in the forefront as they write.

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Stalina Goodwin is a best-selling author, speaker, and radical writing coach dedicated to helping writers activate their storytelling ability and take over the world with their pens held high!

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Stalina isn't your normal writing coach. She isn't easy on you, but she does it in a way that inspires you to write. Blank Page Power is a LIFESAVER!

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