About Me

Stalina Goodwin is a best-selling author, speaker, and radical writing coach dedicated to helping writers activate their storytelling ability and take over the world with their pens held high. She is the founder of My Ambitions As A Writer: an organization that provides writing services to both new and seasoned writers, Write 4 The Culture: a writing movement designed to celebrate and educate writers of color, and Level Up Your Lexicon!: The ultimate literacy initiative showcasing the power of reading, writing and vocabulary through books, writing aids, online games, and more (for ages 4 to adult).  Stalina has served as a consultant and coach to clients nationwide. Stalina's books, speaking engagements, and coaching programs have inspired writers to:


- Get bold and make major lifestyle shifts that they can maintain. 

- Reset, refocus and restore self-love and self-compassion within.

- Level up their L.I.G.H.T. (life, influence, goals, healing, and transformation)

- Discover and cultivate tools that allow them to turn problems into progress. 

- Advocate for themselves with a voice of confidence and an unapologetic press toward what they truly deserve.


Personally knowing the healing power of words,  Stalina leads with authenticity and enthusiasm. Her love for empowering others in any way possible motivated her to create The B.A.D. Influence Network, a lifestyle brand that showcases the power of positivity, purpose, and worth. 

Stalina's ultimate belief is this:  "Your life matters. Your voice matters. You have a story that people need to hear, so it is so important that you recognize the value in what you've been through." 

​My Programs Include....

  • Blank Page Power: Overcoming Writer's Block

  • Make It Write: Put Your Pain to Work

  • Break In The Habit: Write Like a Pro in 21 Days

  • Stroke Of Genius: Crafting Ideas into Great Stories

  • Beautiful Liars Club: Plots, Characters, and Fiction

  • Divinely Devoted

  • Writing In The Wilderness: 40 Days Writing Work Out

  • Write Club: Writer Rules and Other Lies We Live By