What I Can Help You Do


  Quite often we can be so consumed with the desire to be successful that we focus solely on being IN the winner's circle without acknowledging THAT the winners circle. Let me explain. We become so transfixed on being counted among those who have won, that we fail to do what needs to be done in order to be someone who wins. As we pursue wholeness we will discover more and more that cultivating the character of Christ is what will bring us to victory every time; however, it is how we manage our pursuit that will determine our success. It is in this that we must acknowledge that the winners circle. They set their hearts to achieve and surround what they are after until it is obtained.  They stalk it. They eat, sleep, and dream it. They sink their teeth into it, bite down and do not release it until their conquest is subdued and conquered. When considering the new level we are hoping to enter in our lives, we must ask ourselves the very real question, "How much do I desire this change?"  Do we desire it enough to surround restoration and elevation until we obtain it? Do we desire it enough to bite down and endure the process required to make it to the end? If you're reading this right now, the answer is a loud YES!

    The Winners Circle is a call to action. This play on words is a reminder that in order to remain or become the victor in our lives we cannot be passive. As we go down this path together, it is important to keep in mind that we are not just reading a book. We are intentionally pursuing God and asking Him to make us whole. What is so amazing about God is that He will meet each of us exactly where we are. You are not behind or too late. God's timing is perfect and He has you here in this season for a reason.