Examine The Breaking Point

The breaking point is most often known as the moment where you are at your wits end. This is normally spoken of as the time when you feel within yourself that you can't take anymore. Imagine a piece of glass being crushed in slow motion. It doesn't break immediately, oh no. Before it reaches its breaking point it splinters and cracks all over and it is this that causes the glass to break. Have you ever had a moment when you have felt like that piece of glass? The weight of pressure so tremendous, that you feel like you are cracking and splintering all over? I've been there. So if you feel this way, you are not alone.


As someone who has had to endure multiple breaking points, I want to share with you 2 major lessons I have learned.

Examine the point of entry

Quite often when we are faced with moments of pain that feel like too much to bear, it can be easy to plant a flag at this particular breaking point. Don't do it. Remember that you are made of material that can be pressed down severely and still remain uncrushed. It's true. I may not know you personally, but I know this is true because you are here right now, reading my words. You have more depth of strength than you know. Remember that!



Prompt Instructions:

Prompt 1:

Make a list of three qualities you have that you consider weaknesses, then explore how these so-called weaknesses might be recast as strengths. For instance, if you believe micromanagement is a weakness of yours, it could also mean that you’re organized and responsible. Once you determine the strength on the flipside of that quality, write about a time when you used that quality in a positive way. If you can’t think of a recent example, write something aspirational (how you might use this quality positively in the future).


Prompt 2:

Write about a moment when you felt a particular emotion and how you physically experienced it. Were your palms sweating? Was your heart racing or head throbbing? How did you experience/ interact with your environment through all your senses? Was it dark, sunny, stuffy or breezy? What did you hear and smell? By expressing your emotional state through your physical experience of it, you’re able to delve into the heart of it. You can also write about your current state: What emotions are you experiencing right now, and what’s the physical response?


Prompt 3:

List five qualities of your personality or your outlook that you think defines you. Write just one word/ phrase/sentence for each—not a summary of your whole life. Don’t overthink. What rises to the surface as important now? You can even do this prompt periodically to see how the list changes. Then expand on the qualities, writing about each of those aspects of you.